The South East Asia Travel Show

7 Months in a COVID Travel Bubble

July 28, 2020

With few signs of movement on border re-openings in South East Asia, Gary and Hannah reflect on 7 lost months in travel and tourism. As August looms into view, several big questions remain unanswered. So, what have been the landmark events and milestones of 2020 so far? What outcomes have surprised, challenged and discouraged the travel industry the most? Is survival now the overarching goal for the rest of 2020? Can South East Asia reclaim its status as the world's most dynamic travel region? Will tourism be domestic and, hopefully, regional only for the foreseeable future? Are there lessons and inspirations to learn from other lifestyle and consumer sectors? And why did 'mojito romance' merit a mention? All this and more in the 30th episode of The South East Asia Travel Show!