The South East Asia Travel Show

In Conversation: Cristy Elmendorp, Soma Journeys

July 12, 2020

South East Asia and Europe provide a connective thread in the life of Cristy Elmendorp. Born in Jakarta to Dutch-Indonesian parents, she studied in Amsterdam and London, and spent 15 years living and working in Bangkok. Spells as a TV show host, resort photographer and hospitality marketer were followed by founding her own bespoke luxury travel company, Soma Journeys. Cristy’s client trips took her across Tibet, Mongolia, Java and Iceland. Now living in the Netherlands, Cristy has published her first travel memoir, Where the Light Begins: A Seeker’s Journey for Truth, Freedom and a Place to Call Home. In conversation with Gary, she reflects on a life in travel, being a mother to her new son Goya and the prospects for tourism in a post-COVID world.