The South East Asia Travel Show

South East Asia Travel & Tourism Braces for Long-Term Impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War

April 14, 2022

Travel and tourism is slowly getting back on its feet in South East Asia after two long years. The economic dislocations of the pandemic are having consequences for the supply and demand of travel throughout the region and across Asia Pacific. But Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has added an entirely new, and far-reaching, context. In addition, the Covid-19 lockdowns in China will have economic implications worldwide. So this week, Gary and Hannah sift through the potential impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war for travel, tourism and the regional economic outlook. This is a complex issue. There are innumerable unknowns, both now and in the future, but dark clouds are starting to gather. We break down the show into 4 key sections: 1) The enduring effects of COVID-19; 2) The Initial & Current War Impacts on Travel & Tourism in South East Asia; 3) The Looming Economic Headwinds; and 4) The Big Questions Up Ahead. We cover plenty of ground, from jet fuel price volatility to interest rate rises, fears of worsening food inflation to re-routed long haul flights and revised visitor arrival projections to a shifting focus toward the Indian travel market. And are there lessons to be learned from Sri Lanka's economic collapse? Plus, will tourism boards step up their domestic travel promotions, how will they adapt their international marketing strategies - and can intra-ASEAN travel markets hold up the sky?



The show analyses the responses of South East Asian governments to protect their currencies and combat the looming spectre of inflation. We look at the impact on jet fuel costs and the pricing of travel, the