The South East Asia Travel Show

This Week’s 8 Top Travel Talking Points in South East Asia

November 25, 2022

The G20 Summit. A proposed aerotropolis. Resolution of a long-running passport saga. A new direct flight service with Canada. It's been another busy period for travel news as the region's recovery gains traction. This week, Gary and Hannah discuss the top 8 travel and tourism developments from across South East Asia. The journey takes us to 8 of the 10 countries of ASEAN, plus Japan, China, India and Taiwan. So, which country expects 60 million domestic travellers over Christmas and New Year? Where is forecasting 2 million annual inbound visitors in 2022 rising to 7.5 million in 2028? Which nation was among the top 4 visitor markets to Japan in October? And which government finally removed testing requirements for unvaccinated visitors? All this, and much more...