The South East Asia Travel Show

Two Years of Travel Disruption, Part 1: 15 Temporary & Permanent Changes in Travel

February 4, 2022

It’s almost two years since South East Asian nations began shutting their borders as COVID-19 spread across the region and beyond. Over the coming weeks, Gary and Hannah will put together a series of shows with the help of regional experts to assess the various changes that are already occurring because of the pandemic, plus changes that might happen in the coming months – and those that perhaps should, but maybe won’t, happen at all. To kick things off, we’ve created a 15-point list of evident shifts across travel and tourism since March 2020. These range from huge job losses, business closures and lasting damage to travel infrastructure to the rise of the SuperApps, and from shifts in the 'quality' vs 'mass' tourism debate to uncertainties surrounding the return of business travel. Plus, what is the future of travel insurance? Have we seen the back of over-tourism? And how have consumer perceptions about overseas travel altered during the past two years?